Powder paint coated steel constructions - a sustainable solution!


In the very beginning, Graedstrup Steel started off as a simple old fashioned blacksmiths back in 1973.

Three important years in the company’s history are:

1973 – Gustav Skovsbo takes over the old smithy on Hamborgvej, a road in the small town of Graedstrup east of the Jutland peninsula. A few years later he erects the first production hall for steel constructions. The hall contains about 2000 square meters of floor space.

1985 – Anna and Kjeld Knudsen, both of whom had earlier run a woodwork shop, buy and take over Graedstrup Steel.

2000 – Graedstrup Steel puts its large powder paint coating facility into operation. One of a few of its kind in the world in terms of fully automatic holding capacity. This ensures both a better product and an improved ecological footprint and better working conditions.

Over the years, production has been expanded several times. Today Graedstrup Steel contains 14000 square meters of production space, and all on the same address where it all started back in 1973. We have 35 skilled and engaged individuals on staff.