Powder paint coated steel constructions - a sustainable solution!



Our production over at Graedstrup Steel has one goal: To exploit resources in the most optimal way possible, to give our customers the best possible results.

With a large stock of raw materials, we are at any moment geared to start production at the drop of a hat. In some cases we can deliver within a few days, avoiding unnecessary delays to your building process. This is among other things guaranteed by a production that is automated along much of the production line, throughout our factory.


Naturally you can get standard rafters from Graedstrup Steel. But we also deliver special solutions that meet exactly with your requirements and needs.

Our skilled engineers are here to help you find the best design for your new rafters, and we are keen to provide you with the best consulting and advice. Graedstrup Steel has over 40 years experience in flexibility – we are more than happy to share the fruits of this experience with you.


Graedstrup Steel is known for precision. Both in delivery time and in quality. All the way – from welding, cutting and through to the fully automated powder paint coating – we are streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore, our skilled fitters strive to make sure that your steel rafters are erected properly and correctly – without a waste of time. We don’t leave until we are finished – no matter what time it is. At Graedstrup Steel, our commitment to delivering high quality products and service does not end at the factory gate, but stretches all the way to your building site.