Powder paint coated steel constructions - a sustainable solution!

Fully Automated Facility

In large part production occurs in our fully automated facility. This ensures uniform quality and precise results every time. At Graedstrup Steel we operate from a zero-error policy, this holds from the first welding to mounting the final rafter.

This policy also applies for special tasks, where our skilled welders manually get the job done. Our high quality is also guaranteed here.

Drilling/Sawing Facility

At Graedstrup Steel we can drill and saw through steel beams with great lengths and dimensions. Always with the same high joining quality, which other than for rafters is also suitable for columns and beam constructions for buildings with several floors, silos etc. Files are automatically and directly transferred from a CAD-system when a project is completed.

As elsewhere, here we deliver for both standard and special solutions.

Power Cutting Facility

Many of the various brackets we use in production are made in-house in our power cutting facility.

This gives us the precise quality that we always expect from ourselves in everything we do. At the same time we can with short notice and great flexibility make whatever model that is best suited for each task we are presented with.