Powder paint coated steel constructions - a sustainable solution!


Do you require steel constructions for erecting halls for agriculture, leisure, warehouses and industrial buildings?

At Graedstrup Steel, experience and new approaches go hand in hand with solid craftsmanship and sustainable solutions.

When a new hall is to be erected quickly, effectively and safely, you can benefit from our knowledge of what works best, drawn from several decades of experience in the business. We also have the latest specialist knowledge and the required certifications in order to help you.

We place the utmost importance in preserving good quality craftsmanship, combined with a modern and fully automated production. This means that not only are our steel rafters solid and reliable – they are also produced with the best intentions towards the environment and the safety of our staff.

At Graedstrup Steel we stand by delivering quality – but we are always ready to change where we stand in order to meet your requirements. You can read about this and more in the following pages.