Powder paint coated steel constructions - a sustainable solution!

Welcome to Graedstrup Steel A/S

We deliver steel constructions for all kinds of new building projects. We are the only manufacturer in Denmark to powder paint coat our products – this method is both quick, effective and eco-friendly. Regardless of whether you need to use standard rafters or a completely customised solution, we can help. At Graedstrup Steel, we have over 40 years of experience in thinking up new solutions – and the quality is built in. Every time. In every steel construction.

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RE: CE – certification

Currently there are many in the steel industry having their certifications withdrawn. We would like to reassure our customers that Graedstrup Steel has not had any of its certifications revoked. We have everything under control.

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Velkommen til Grædstrup Stål


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Your requirements drive the formation of our products. We can provide quick and effective standard solutions in the form of standard rafters - or we can provide you with rafters that are uniquely custom designed for your particular building project. View more



We collect satisfied customers, and we hope for you to be the next on a long list of satisfied cusomers. Through the years we have accomplished much, both small and large projects, at home and abroad - a selected number of which you can View here